MARC: Methods of Applied RadioChemistry

The main objective of the project is to familiarize students with basic radiochemical methods.
The project includes lab courses with introductory lectures.

25/03/2019 to 29/03/2019
Expected Outcome: 

The student is able to perform basic operations with open sources of radionuclides:

  1. Decontamination
  2. Preparation of radioactive sources and radiochemicals
  3. Determination of radiochemical yields
  4. Radiochemical separations
  5. Radioanalytical techniques

Students can imply basic rules of radiation safety when handling open radioactive sources.  They can apply methods of radiation detection and determination of uncertainties to real-life situations of radiochemical procedures.

Intended Participants: 

Students at Master level
The activity is organised for students of all CHERNE partners 

Thorough knowledge radiation detection and measurement. Basic knowledge of Chemistry. Basic knowledge of EXCEL.
Number of Participants: 
Maximal 12
Time Schedule: 

Students should express their interest and register not later than February 1st 2019.

Registered students will be given hand-outs of the intended experiments and some literature to prepare 

Erasmus IP: 
2 ECTS points
Cost for students: 
  • Travel expenses not covered
  • Accommodation: approx. 25€ to 45€/night! Accommodation will be sponsored as much as possible.
  • One social dinner sponsored 
  • Tuition covered