MERiBel: - Measurement of Environmental Radioactivity in Belgium

The goal of the MERiBel course is to involve the students in radioactivity measurements in the environment. Both artificial and natural contaminations will be examined. While the activity itself will focus on the measurement techniques, the output will also be a better understanding of our radioactive environment and a better evaluation on what can be harmful and what has to be accepted.

HE2B (Brussels) and UHasselt-NuTeC (Diepenbeek) are organizing a course to confront the participants with possible problems regarding radioactivity in our environment.
The course will mix: laboratory work, demonstrations and fieldtrips. It will include an evaluation part.

19/04/2017 to 26/04/2017
Expected Outcome: 

Students can survey a large area with handheld equipment in order to identify hotspots of artificial contaminations or elevated background areas and gather correctly soil and soil-air samples.

Students can perform practical NORM measurements on collected soil, soil-air samples and construction materials.  A critical reflection on the estimated radioactivity level is expected.

Intended Participants: 

Students at 3th Bachelor or Master level.

The activity is organised for students of all CHERNE partners with priority to students of the SP project Erasmus+ Blended Learning.  

Thorough knowledge radiation physics and radiation measurements. Basic knowledge of Chemistry. Basic knowledge of EXCEL. Lessons e-learning module (blended learning project)
Number of Participants: 
Erasmus IP: 
Practical organization: 

Accommodation: is organised
Participants have to arrange their own travel to Brussels

Cost for students: 
  • Travel expenses and accommodation cost are covered by rules of Erasmus + Strategic partnership project, only for students of the members.
  • One social sponsored event.
  • All visits and experimental costs are covered.